Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the catalogues?

EDGE DESIGN publishes new catalogue every year around March. You may download it from Downloadable Files page.

Where is the frame geometry?

You can download the geometries for all frames published on EDGE DESIGN website. Please click Downloadable Files page to download it.

Limited warranty policy

Framesets are warranted for two years; wheelsets and other components are warranted for one year. You can find the limited warranty policy agreement from Downloadable Files page. When you file a claim, please download the claim forms.

Customized service

Yes. We offer customized printing and designing on most of our EDGE products; you can put your brand or logo on the products. For more information, please contact us (click here).

End user inquiry

If you are an end user, you can contact our distributors near your area (click here ). If you cannot find any distributor in your area, we can check whether the products which you are interested in are in stock. But it might not be a guarantee.