EDGE DESIGN aims to produce high quality cycling components and bicycles.
EDGE also means perseverance, delicacy, agility, fast speed and beauty

Our Story

Flying in the sky is a dream that mankind has always had.
It is a well-known story that the Wright Brothers, who used the concept of operating a bike,
made it possible for mankind to successfully fly for the first time in the sky by plane.
Even today the technology of bicycle making is closely related with airplanes.

Paul, the founder of EDGE, served in the air force and flew a fighter in his early years.
With great passion for cycling, he made up his mind going into the industry of bikes after he retired from the air force.
He has worked with several factories which manufacture bicycle components and thus has accumulated substantial technical knowledge.
Besides, he has cooperated for years with many famous professional cycling teams in Europe.

EDGE develops, designs and makes bikes intended for racing that can enhance the performance of the professional riders.


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